Oceanway has certified trainers for the following:





OCL also offers training services in specialist courses which include:

- Reef Check: Eco-Diver

- Marine life identification

- Coral biology

- Marine protected area planning and management (we offer several levels for each course)

These courses can be tailored to suit the different requirements of recreational divers, scientists, government personnel, teachers, secondary and tertiary level students and consultancy companies.

Theoretical knowledge is presented as lectures and interactive discussion. Underwater / practical sessions provide an opportunity to apply theory and give students a practical application of their course subject.

We are flexible with course content; sensitive to individual needs and learning ability.

At OCL we provide IANTD and PADI training based around the “Doing It Right” philosophy: providing a sound foundation with a combined Open water/ Advanced / Nitrox class all the way to Trimix diving. In addition, for specialized applications we can provide rebreather training. Other training courses include diving equipment and general compressor maintenance

All of our courses can be conducted in both English and Cantonese